For centuries, the legendary Dead Sea has drawn people to its beautiful
turquoise waters. It is believed to have physical and spiritual healing powers
by people all over the world. Even Cleopatra was known to indulge in its
water as part of her beauty and longevity ritual.
With a depth of almost 1000 feet and 34% salinity (10x more than the ocean)
it is the deepest saltwater lake and one of the saltiest bodies of water on the
planet. So, what exactly makes it so special? You literally float like a feather.
The high salt content creates the extraordinary feeling of absolute
weightlessness combined with many therapeutic benefits for mind and body.
Floating, or float therapy, has been clinically shown to significantly reduce
stress, acute and chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and improve sleep
quality, mood, psychological well-being, and mindfulness. It’s also great for
healthy skin and hair. Fortunately, float therapy spas are plentiful and
probably a lot closer to home than Israel!
So, save the Dead Sea for your bucket list and go ahead and get your float
on. Who’d have thought that being salty AF could be so good for you?