Do you want to integrate better health practices, such as yoga, into your
routine this coming new year? Most people do, and getting in shape is at the
top of the wish list of new goals year after year. Although new year’s
resolutions are made with the best of intentions, it is rare that they are
actually achieved. According to a New York Post article, roughly 80% of
people bail on their resolutions and fall back into their old routines within a
month. University of Scranton research showed that only 8% of people attain
their new year’s goals, leaving the rest of us with a big fat FAIL.
Maybe it’s time to kick new year’s resolutions to the curb and instead give
ourselves new year’s rewards. Yoga isn’t a chore or a goal per se, it’s a gift
we can give ourselves. It’s a gift for the mind, spirit, and body. It a gift of core
strength, stability, flexibility, stamina, and grounding. It quiets the spirit,
awakens the chakras, and opens the flow of the life force within each of us.
The benefits of mental, physical, and spiritual health are boundless. Making
yoga a part of your routine can help ensure a long, happy life. Who wouldn’t
want that?
So, try something different this coming new year by ditching the resolutions
and instead reward yourself with yoga!
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