Balancing life, work, and family is a juggling act that can be difficult to balance without taking some time off. People are experiencing higher stress levels than ever that have led to rises in depression, anxiety, and chronic health issues. So of course, a fun-filled, action packed vacation seems like the perfect way to get away from it all. But are we really…getting away from it all?When you show up for a yoga retreat, you leave your ego and baggage – digital and emotional, at the door. One of the primary benefits of attending, is the opportunity to thoroughly de-stress and quiet the mind. Meditation and mindful focus is key to reap the full benefits of yoga practice, but it is not as easy as it may sound. With the help of an instructor, this can be mastered at a pace that is perfect for you.Yoga can benefit anyone and anybody in a variety of ways, ranging from basic grounding poses that soothe an anxious mind and release tightness in the body, to sweat inducing cardio flows that build core strength and stamina while raising the heart rate. The body is a fine-tuned machine that needs maintenance, movement, nourishment, and rest, and a retreat is the perfect way to jump start your engine and getting it running at peak performance.So, next time you find yourself needing a vacation from your vacation, maybe you should treat yourself with a yoga retreat instead!



Written By: Jen Bye Garza